In Remembrance of Julian N. Stern (1924-2018)

Julian Stern photo

Pherin Pharmaceuticals sadly announces the passing of Julian Stern, who served as a founding Director and was Chairman of the Board. We will miss his guidance and vision. Mr. Stern was also a director of DepoMed, Inc., Fibrogen, Inc. and ROXRO Pharma, Inc. as well as corporate secretary of several other public and private biotechnology companies. He was the incorporator of ALZA Corporation and Cetus Corporation (the world's first biotechnology company) and he served as corporate secretary and a director of those companies from their inception until their merger, respectively, into Johnson & Johnson and Chiron Corporation. Mr. Stern was active in a number of charitable organizations and served as President of the Ronald & Ann Williams Charitable Foundation, as a trustee of the Peter A. & Vernice H. Gasser Foundation and as an honorary lifetime trustee and past chairman of the American Cancer Society, California Division.





Management and Directors


Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is presently operating under the leadership of a small management team with significant experience in the life sciences industry. Our management team has access to a number of experts in the fields of pharmaceutical research and development, drug discovery and regulatory affairs. We also have a diversified scientific advisory board comprised of world-renowned scientists.

Toby Rosenblatt has served as our Director since 1992. At present Mr. Rosenblatt is Chairman of the Board of Pherin. Mr. Rosenblatt is President of Founders Investments Ltd., which is involved in private investment activities. He also serves as a director of BlackRock Equity Liquidity Mutual Funds and of various Foundations and other non-profit organizations.

Louis Monti, MD., PhD has served as our Vice-President of Research since our founding, and Executive Vice President since 2003. At present Dr. Monti is President and CEO of Pherin. Prior to joining Pherin, Dr. Monti held various academic positions at the University of Utah and the University of Uruguay. Dr. Monti holds an M.D. degree from the School of Medicine, University of the Republic, Uruguay, and a Ph.D. degree from the School of Medicine, University of Utah. He has published over 100 scientific articles and holds nine patents.

Kevin P. McCarthy has served as our Director since our founding. He formerly served the Company as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. At present Mr. McCarthy is Secretary and Treasurer of Pherin. Prior to joining Pherin, Mr. McCarthy was Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Erox Corporation and a Managing Director of Berliner Associates.