Pherin Pharmaceuticals Reports Favorable Phase 3 Feasibility Clinical Study on Novel Intranasal Medication for Acute Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder and Issuance of Patents in the U.S.A. and Other Major Countries

Pherin Article Published in the American Journal of Psychiatry Effect of an Acute Intranasal Aerosol Dose of PH94B on Social and Performance Anxiety in Women With Social Anxiety Disorder.

Pherin Pharmaceuticals at the annual meeting (2015) of the American Society of Clinical Psychopharmacology: PH94B demonstrated effect as PRN treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder in men and women; a phase 3 pilot study.

Pherin Completes Phase 2A Clinical Trials with it’s Acute Antidepressant Product PH10-Nasal Spray A Phase II study in patients diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder showed rapid antidepressant effect.


Market Opportunities and Investor Relations

Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company focused on maintaining world leadership in the discovery and development of a new family of pharmaceutical compounds called pherines. These compounds are administered to the nasal passages and in turn have an effect on the limbic-hypothalamic areas of the brain.

Our discovery of the effect of pherines and their link to the limbic system enabled us to develop therapeutic products targeting a variety of medical conditions, including Social Anxiety Disorder, depression, Menopausal Hot Flashes and Cognitive Impairment. We believe that this technology represents a substantial achievement as it unlocks large markets with products expected to offer numerous therapeutic advantages and convenient use to the patients.

Numerous Therapeutic Advantages
Pherine products are directly administered to the nasal passages using a metered nasal spray. By virtue of the direct connections to the limbic system and the ability of our compounds to act locally, pherines do not need to achieve systemic absorption and distribution. This provides a significant therapeutic advantage over traditional therapeutics targeted at the limbic system that require access to systemic circulation and must cross the blood-brain barrier followed by uptake into the brain to exert effects. The unique mechanism of action and method of administration of pherines results in numerous therapeutic advantages, including:

    • rapid onset of efficacy
    • on-demand and long-term administration available
    • ultra low dose needed
    • excellent safety and tolerability profile, demonstrated in clinical trials.

We believe these therapeutic advantages will result in pherines becoming an important new class of therapeutic pharmaceuticals.

Strong Product Pipeline
We have a diverse product portfolio that we believe increases the probability of our commercial success. Currently we have drug candidates that are in Phase 3 clinical trials for Social Anxiety Disorder, Phase 2 clinical trials for Premenstrual Disorders and Menopausal Hot Flashes. In addition, we have a strong pipeline of pherine compounds that await research screening and selection. Our pipeline of products addresses the following indications:

    • Social Anxiety Disorder
    • Depression
    • Menopausal Hot Flashes
    • Cognitive Improvement

Strategic Partnerships
Pherin business development efforts are focused on collaborative relationships with forward-looking and technically advanced companies. Details on Pherin’s partnership opportunities are available from our President Louis Monti, MD, PhD,

Strong Patent Position
Our patent portfolio covers the composition; method of use and delivery systems of pherine compounds and includes patents and patent applications that cover over 1,000 pherine molecules. We have 26 U.S. patents and additional foreign patents issued or allowed.



We believe that the therapeutic advantages of our products will result in pherines becoming an important new class of approved pharmaceutical.

Key Elements for Advancement

    • Intellectual Property
    • Large Market Opportunities
    • Strong Product Pipeline
    • Strategic Partnership
    • Strong Patent Position

Pherin Product Development

Our technology represents a substantial achievement as it unlocks large markets with products expected to offer numerous therapeutic advantages and convenient use to the patients. As our clinical candidate pherines advance in the development process we have begun building a commercial infrastructure to support what we hope will be a growing portfolio of approved pharmaceutical products.


Chariman of the Board: Toby Rosenblatt
President and CEO: Louis Monti, MD, PhD
Secretary and Treasurer: Kevin McCarthy

Michael L. Liebowitz, MD
Ellen Freeman, PhD
Gustavo Garcia de la Mora, PhD
Rita Hanover, PhD
Jose Vicente Diaz Sanchez, MD, PhD