Recent Highlights

We believe that we are pioneering genuinely breakthrough technology that would change the way that psychiatric conditions are treated. The demonstrated clinical efficacy and excellent safety profile of our novel pherine molecules can greatly improve the treatment of numerous patients suffering acute conditions. Our goals are to bring the company’s first products, Aloradine NS for Social Anxiety Disorder, PH10 nasal spray for depression and Salubrin NS for Menopausal Hot Flashes through the NDA review approval process with the U.S. FDA while simultaneously continuing the development of other product candidates.

Pherin Products

Aloradine - [Social Anxiety Disorder]

PH10 - [Depression]

Salubrin-HF - [Menopausal Hot Flashes]

PH15 - [Cognitive Improvement]

Company Overview

Pherin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately held clinical stage company headquartered in Los Altos, California, USA, focused on the development of its proprietary compounds pherines, for the acute treatment of neuropsychiatric and neuroendocrine conditions.

Founded in 1991 and restructured in 2003, Pherin Pharmaceuticals is an early stage development company led by a highly experienced senior management team; Pherin Pharmaceuticals has assembled a network of external experts to successfully bring its products through all aspects of development.

Because pherines bind to receptors in the nasal passages, the drug is rapidly effective in ultra low quantities (nanograms or low micrograms) without the need of systemic exposure, providing a demonstrated rapid therapeutic onset of efficacy and an excellent safety profile with greater patient convenience.

Pherin Pharmaceuticals lead program Aloradine NS (PH94B nasal spray) is being developed for the acute treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder and has regulatory process ongoing with the USA.